loss and immeasurable happiness

by Tennis Fever

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released July 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Tennis Fever Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: god, don't make me live in california
don't make me live in california, god
don't want no house in fresno, no, please, i'll stay
i remain here in your way
Track Name: me please
in the trees
make it me, please
Track Name: home
right here, yeah
i've got it all right here
just waiting for you in my hands
but it's not that easy yet
cause i'm still waiting for you to get back from when you went home

right now, yeah
it's waiting for you right now
i saved it for you when you left
cause it wasnt easy then and i'm still waiting for you to get back
when will you come home?
Track Name: dust
all the day dreams in the world for a bookshelf you would hide
we made paper out of nothing
(you and i did)
we made dust out of knives

tell me when it's time for us to go back home
but please don't forget that i'm in love with him
it gets hard for us to stand up straight here
face down
we'll get up another day

apologies have made this mess
and now we'll both just drown
even safe ships go down
Track Name: disco forever
forever, forever, forever
Track Name: twentysomething
what's the move?
what's going down?
where's the friends you're always hanging around with?
all alone on a saturday night, that won't do
all the white noise he shut his eyes and went inside
it's so dark this time of night
oh good god, it's always something new with you
you know it's no use

u + me
are you into that?
tell me what you think about this then
it's always a good time
Track Name: the heart attack that could have been
all this haze slows me down but clears the way too
what i could only find today
that all i want is to be beautiful in someone's eyes
until then
i'll take a step away

until you realize
the world is such a busy place
and to be just a speck is quite the thing
and then it all came to me, clear as day,
like nothing else before this
so many things now easier to say
all i want is to be beautiful in someone's eyes
and make beautiful things to make beautiful people cry
but it's so easy to get it all misunderstood
so, why can't those eyes be mine?

all the time
all my life
someone takes you by the hand and carries you away